Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Seeking a Therapist in San Diego? Proceed With Caution!

Think before calling Susan Goodell
Good therapy requires a multi-modal approach.  Requiring the therapist to pay attention to the client's thought, behavior, and emotions. The journey requires the therapist to help move the client through the swirling repeating thoughts to clear plateau's of the specific where healthy productive respectful outcomes can be achieved.

Clients often express emotion, strong emotion, that require the therapist to corral by technique these emotions to positive and safe outcomes.  The therapist is often challenged to differentiate fact from fantasy through respectful separation of the emotion and pain from the stories they are engaged with.

Good therapy requires a therapist who is committed to the healing growth of their clients and maintain guiding perspective and monitoring.

Cathartic release of body and mind is part of therapy.  Clients have developmental woundings, often the underlying reasons must be addressed to benefit acute or current manifestations.

The efforts of a therapist should not adversely intrude in the life of a vulnerable and confused client.  The trust the client has in their therapist goes beyond self, extending to family, children, and loved ones. Discipline and respect is required by the therapist as a core of the relationship.

The clients life is not a petrie dish for the therapists expose and take action within based on their interpretations. The therapist should not exploit the clients emotions.  The therapist should not act unilaterally intruding on the safety of children or exploit emotions.

Therapy is not paid hang out time...

It is a very delicate transformation requiring trust and vulnerability. It is guidance through an inner process in an effort to find internal and external peace. More clear and confident communication.

A therapist should not create shunning and disunity.

As a believer in therapy, I know this world and community is a better place with more love and understanding with a good therapist and appropriate technique. In communities like San Diego, Solana Beach, and Del Mar where there are a multitude of options for therapy be certain to research a therapist that is sensitive to person, family, marriage, and children. The wrong therapist can destroy the very fabric for which you are going to therapy to support.

For Depression, anxiety, stress management, grief, confusion, family therapy, marriage therapy, and other issues it is so critical to have a therapist that supports the well being and welfare of the client and family.

Therapist are people to and as such have their own problems and make mistakes.  This is fine as long as the therapist is not making mistakes in your life. Do careful research before selecting a therapist.  I wish that we had before selecting Susan Goodell.

Seeking therapy to recover from this therapy, if you know a good one let us know.

Seeking a good therapist whose values, beliefs, training, and techniques support person, family, and marriage with respect.

We pray that others do not have a damaging experience with a therapist like Susan Goodell.

Good therapy, love and progress is so important for body, mind, spirit and family. 


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